Attractive Carpet Fibers Ideas

Jul 22nd

In recent years, treatments natural carpet fibers are gaining ground, becoming a modern material that provides a fresh and modern image, despite having been used for centuries to dress and decorate floors and walls. Aesthetically, they are very resistant and versatile carpet as they adapt to all decorative styles and also provide great personality to the spaces where they are used. His return was mainly due to the need to create spaces where natural elements are the protagonists in the home, allowing us to be in touch with them since this type of carpet from renewable sources and are affordable.

Carpet fibers have an authentic look with its neutral tones and knotty textures, offering discrete designs in line with modern tastes, where the colors are no longer limited to the more subdued basic, but have built rich, deep tones with original ways that enhance their image.

The natural carpet fibers are not as flexible as the carpet feet, even that the latter is compensated by placing a base layer. Most little impractical in wet areas and are often very resistant to dirt. They also have a lower surface of latex that prevents the accumulation of sand and dust, while facilitating its implementation.

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