Characteristics Of Antelope Carpet

Aug 14th

Do you know about some characteristic of antelope carpet? Dont worry… if you dont know i will explain to you about it.  They are some characteristics of antelope carpet :

  • Skin Karakul wool
  • Being reversible is like having two tapestries for the price of one
  • has a mild and pleasant aroma lanonina; the flavor of pure sheep wool.
  • Sometimes it measures 81 X 99 cm (0.80 m2)
  • A lot of is African ethnic style in natural colors.

Do you know too about the trivia of antelope carpet..??? If you do not know i will help you to know about the trivia of antelope carpet. TRIVIA of antelope carpet :

  • The wildebeest are grazing animals whose appearance can be considered as intermediate between the antelope, the bull and the horse, looking like a caricature of them.
  • By the look of your body looks like a horse, but his legs end in cloven hooves, such as antelopes and the head resembles that of a bull.

Ok! Now you know about some characteristics and some trivia of antelope carpet. I hope this is useful for you. Thank you.

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