Comparing Nylon and Polyester Carpet

Aug 28th

When choosing the carpet, you think about the qualities that are important, like a carpet that lasts, you have the right color, it is easy to clean and soft. Nylon is the most popular fiber used for carpets of polyester while running second. Both have good and bad qualities that will make you think twice about what works best. Comparison of nylon and polyester carpet will help you decide on the one for you. Determine where you are going to have the carpet in order to decide which carpet would be best for your needs. For example, if you put the carpet in a high traffic area that you will want one that is very durable.

If you plan to put the carpet in a room that is not used often then choose one that is the cheapest. Comparison of the durability of polyester carpet and nylon carpets. With increasing foot traffic, fibers increasingly polyester curve, so the less resistant carpet while nylon fibers can be compressed and stretched and carpet bounces. Observe the price of carpets of nylon and polyester. Nylon is the most expensive, while the polyester is at least. This is largely due to its durability. Polyester can last up to five years, while nylon can last twice as long.

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Compare how easy it is to clean. Polyester does not stain and is easier to clean than nylon. Despite the cost and durability of nylon it is very difficult to remove stains. However, there are resistant to stains such as Scotchgard that can be used to help prevent staining products. Covering the carpet with stain-resistant product before use. Watch the colors of polyester carpet and nylon carpets. Polyester carpets come in a wider variety of colors that the polyester nylon is easier to dye. Polyester also retains its color, while nylon colors tend to become dull over the years.

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