How to Install the Carpeted Stairs with Staples

Jul 28th

Installing a carpeted stairs on your own can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor costs and installation. Whether simply to improve the aesthetics of your home or to replace old carpet, carpet installation on your staircase with staples can be a rewarding experience.

Calculate the amount of carpeted stairs you need to complete your project. Measure the width of the staircase and subtract the amount to be covered by carpet runner. Set the tack strip on the bottom of each staircase. Start stapling the bottom of the ladder and staple the carpet to the first, using your staple gun with four or five staples. Continue with four or five additional staples at the top of each step and the bluenose. Pull back and push down on the carpet tack strip with wedging tool.

Repeat the above step for each tread strip securing the staples and tack in place. Start at the bottom of the first riser and positioning the end of the corridor directly on the lower clamping strip. Wedge carpeted stairs in place permanently with the hammer driving the carpet tack strip down. Continue hammering until you have obtained every piece of carpet on each individual step.

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